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Hotel location

The hotel “Druzhba” is the main accommodation facility of Dzerzhinsk, it is situated in the center of business and administrative part of the city in the neighbourhood of Administration and City Council.

Nearby there is the palace of Culture «Himik» (architectural decoration of the city), the city park, banks, cafes and shops, shopping and entertainment center «Dzerzhinets»; central stadium «Himik»; a swimming pool; Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Dzerzhinsk.
The location of the hotel allows the guests of Dzerzhinsk to settle all the matters, for settling which they have come to the «city of chemists», quickly and efficiently. Transport infrastructure: railway communication, motor traffic, air communication (the international airport of Nighny Novgorod is 25 km from Dzerzhinsk) allows the hotel «Druzhba» to claim the possibility of accommodation not only for the guests of Dzerzhinsk, but Nighny Novgorod as well.

Today Dzerzhinsk is going through «second birth»: new production areas are built, socio-economic and cultural and sporting relationships are developed; the significance of Dzerzhinsk rises not only for the economy of Nighny Novgorod oblast, but also for the economy of the Russian Federation. Along with the city the hotel «Druzhba» is coming to the stage of development. Soon the guests accustomed to stable and measured atmosphere will see the transformations which will give the hotel a new filling, emphasize the changes, leading to the improvement of service.

Along with you, dear guests, we follow the course of changes. The world changes – We change!

Management company «Valeks» — the operator of the hotel «Druzhba» in Dzerzhinsk.